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I don't put time into finding and maintaining these links any more. Google will do a better job.

james randi educational foundation
donation-seeking 'educational foundation'
run by professional skeptic James Randi
who admits teaching kids to bend forks the same way I do!
home of the "$1M paranormal challenge"
dean radin's blog
"entangled minds" author's blog
michael crichton's "travels"
spoonbending comments
from "jurassic park" author
the parasychology association inc
seriously scientific
jeffrey mishlove phd - roots of consciousness
history of scientific analysis of PK-
extract from the excellent book available to read fully online.
jack houck's pk parties
jack houck's famous 'pk' parties
the intuition network
intuition, use it or lose it
crystalinks spoonbeinding instructions
another online how-to-spoonbend site
heather ash
california-based spoonbending teacher
no bending, but too hip for words
the society for scientific exploration
the society for scientific exploration
uri geller's official site
uri geller's parascience city
also serves an e-book on the subject
the archives of scientists transcendent experiences
the archive of scientists transcendant experiences
pacific neuropsychiatric institute
brain-science & anomalous experiences
international consciousness research laboratories
consciousness research studies
international association of near death studies
near-death experience studies
fortean times
challenging scientific preconceptions
parascience org
joining science and spirit
billbeaty's closeminded science
science vs. skepticism
vernon m neppe's brain-science books
pib's cryptozoology  links
pib's fab cryptozoology links
laura lee's online radio show
'conversation for exploration'
aluminum foil deflector beanie
aluminum foil deflector beanie
as used in "signs" movie *g*
princeton engineering anomolies research
princeton engineering anomalies research
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