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Forkbending Step-By-Step


Once you're experienced, you don't need a group for it to work, although I think that definitely helps at first. Once you've done it once, you have the confidence to make it work in less ideal conditions. I can now usually do it when I want to.

I don't do the channelling thing, or even shout "Bend, bend, bend", although that would probably help. I can just sort of feel when it would work now, although it's hard to explain the feeling. Sometimes it's so strong, you just know that you'll be able to bend a fork as soon as you pick it up - although I've also fried a Mobile Phone's motherboard in this state, so try to avoid electronic devices when you're in a cutlery-bending mood. I accept no liability if you wipe your hard-drive while trying to bend forks!

Any time you're feeling intense or emotional is the most effective time to bend forks, and it can also be a great release. It's very empowering & reminds you that you can overcome just about anything if you try. I like to keep a few old forks lying around for when I'm feeling a bit miserable.

katty b, september 2000


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