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Forkbending Step-By-Step


Once everyone has shouted "Bend, bend bend" at their cutlery, you need to explain to them that for the fork or spoon to actually bend requires 'focussed inattention'. Chatting to people nearby, listening to music, having a drink or whatever may help. The channelling stage requires focus and concentration, but now you need the opposite - distraction.

I still have the first spoon I bent - the silver mark has a little bear and the words "in mind" on it. I've never seen another silver mark like it, and I certainly didn't see it when I chose it in the dark from a bag of old cutlery. Weird!

TIP: Having a heated discussion is a good way to get the level of distraction you need to get the fork to bend, so maybe it's good to sit next to someone you know you'll disagree with and aim for a controversial topic (unrelated to forks). Just don't get so involved you forget to check your fork!

You keep holding the fork or spoon (by the neck area is usually easiest for beginners), and every now and then, you give it a gentle 'try' - using both hands to see if it will bend. When it works, this will NOT require any degree of force, it should go quite soft. It's tempting to use a fair bit of physical effort, especially if it goes a BIT soft, and you're impatient like me. It's better to keep putting energy into it until it goes really soft, though - especially if you want to do lovely twirly ones like some of these. Using force will basically just get the handle bend, which you'll never really be sure if you just did by force or if you really got the weird energy thing to work...

The harder you try, though, the more difficult it is. You need to be distracted, not really thinking about it. Hold the cutlery at the point you want it to bend and just 'try' it now and then with both hands. If it's working, it will go soft for a few seconds. This can happen within minutes, or take hours. Sometimes the whole thing goes soft and you can twirl the prongs of a fork around each other, or even roll up the bowl of a spoon (I've only been able to do that a few times). More commonly, it just softens at the point where you were touching it.

Since I get so many emails asking this: YES you use your hands to bend it, but if it's working it will go soft enough to bend with very little effort. So PLEASE don't ask me "do you bend them just using your mind?" as I'll probably get pretty annoyed at being asked the same stupid question yet again.

It didn't actually work for me at the New-Age session I went to. In fact, only two of us out of twenty couldn't do it at the session, and the other failure was a Reiki Master (she thought maybe she was too used to focussing energy in a particular healing way - fair enough, I wouldn't want my insides contorting like these forks). As you can imagine, I'd just seen eighteen other people bend forks before my eyes, so any doubts I had about it being possible were gone - I figured it was just a personal failing of my own *sigh*. Sitting in the car on the way home, though, I wondered if the particular fork I'd tried just didn't like me. In the dark, I picked up a little silver teaspoon*. It immediately turned soft in my hand, and I spiralled the handle tightly. I was soooo happy!

So, the moral of the story is that if it doesn't work the first time you try, don't be disheartened. Keep trying.

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