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Forkbending Step-By-Step


The channelling stage is a lot like meditation, or a visualisation exercise.

Dim the lights, turn off any music and get everyone to sit quietly with their eyes closed for the talk-through (this is just a sample, you should improvise rather than reading it like a script):

NOTE: I don't do this stage when I'm bending forks by myself, but it probably really helps when you're first starting out. It probably does help to channel whatever the energy is. I just don't have that kind of attention span, which may be why I'm not as good at the whole forkbending thing as some people. Hopefully you're a bit better at it than me.

'Hold the fork or spoon between your thumb and forefinger. Relax, and clear your mind. Breathe slowly and deeply. Listen to your own breathing, and feel the rise and fall of your chest. Imagine you are at a place where you feel most relaxed - on a beach, in a forest, lying beside a log fire - whatever place your mind will take you where you feel totally at ease. The stresses of the world are far, far away. You do not feel sleepy, but you are totally relaxed... totally carefree... safe... comfortable... calm... happy.

Now, imagine a golden ball of energy a few feet above your head. It's spinning and fizzing. You can feel warmth and energy emanating from it. A beam comes out of this ball of energy and into your forehead. It feels warm and tingly. You are drawing energy from the ball in a stream. No matter how much energy you pull from the ball, you can still draw more. It is a ball of limitless energy. You can feel the warmth of the energy spreading from the point on your forehead. It feels beautiful, like warm champagne flowing over your skin, bubbling and tingling. The energy flows over your shoulder and down your arm.

Remember that nomatter how much you draw from the ball, there is limitless energy there still. You feel strong and invigorated, but relaxed. The energy flows down your arm, over your elbow and wrist and into your hand. You can feel it's warmth on your skin, flowing into your head.... over your shoulder... down your arm.... past your elbow.... into your hand. You can feel the heat of the energy collecting in your hand, in your thumb and forefinger. You can feel it welling up there, with nowhere to go, like a dead-end.

On the count of three, open your eyes and shout "Bend" three times at your fork or spoon to release the energy into it.'

Turn up the lights as soon as the channelling talk-through is over, and you're all ready for the next stage.

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