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Forkbending Step-By-Step


The session that I went to where I first learned to bend metal was sort of a formal "New Age" spoonbending session. I'm not a New-Ager by any means, but I guess I wanted to see if it was really possible. I didn't expect it to work for me (and indeed, it didn't at that session). There were about 20 adults - mostly New-Agers, of course.

You REALLY NEED TO DO THIS IN A GROUP. The communal group atmosphere of excitement somehow helps. A party.

I can certainly confirm that I've had more success showing other people how to do it in group situations than one-to-one, so I think there's something to the idea that the group helps somehow. Maybe it's also because some people are naturally so much better at it, and once one person does it in a group and everyone witnesses it, it's pretty hard to stay sceptical. You KNOW it works - you just have to try to make it work yourself.

Also I think that the group situation (especially with kids around) help with the "distraction" required to make the cutlery bend.

Once everyone has arrived, had a drink & food or whatever and settled down, you can begin. Put all of the cutlery in the middle and get everyone to choose a piece that feels good when they pick it up. Everyone sits in a circle with their cutlery, and then the lights are dimmed and any music is turned off.

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