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Forkbending Step-By-Step

As I've said, I'm no expert on forkbending. I've tried to explain my own experience with it, but people keep emailing me asking how to do it. I guess the best I can do is to spell out step-by-step what I was told at the party where I "learned" to do it, which is reinforced by descriptions on other sites, particularly regarding Jack Houck's famous "PK Parties" (for those of you too lazy to visit the sites I've linked to). There is no "Secret", it doesn't involve anything creepy. You won't be conjuring up spirits or casting spells or getting possessed by Abraham, although for all I know the "Law of Attraction" may have something to do with it. I really don't know WHY or HOW this works, it just does.

I can't guarantee results, but I've done the best I can at explaining it in detail - the rest is up to you. Good luck!


You'll want to collect a lot of unwanted cutlery - otherwise, once it starts working, you'll end up without a single functional fork in your house. Which is a little bit annoying once the euphoria of bending them wears off. The best ones are those chunky big old-fashioned ones, usually silver-plated brass. It will work with stainless steel ones just as well, but the core metal in a lot of stainless cutlery is really cruddy, and they snap much easier that old-fashioned ones. Whatever the mysterious process is, it certainly stresses the metal, and a snapped fork is very disappointing.

Jasper made me a forky Valentine when we first met in 2003. He's so sweet! No wonder I fell for him :) (We got married in 2006)

Get a variety of sizes, from teaspoon right up to big heavy dinner-forks. You might want to start with a little spoon, but once it's happening, you'll want to do something bigger to prove to yourself it's not just mind-over-matter. As you can see from some of the ones I've shown here, you can bend some very heavy cutlery into beautiful graceful curls - that's the kind of thing that makes you convinced that you're not just using brute force without realising.

Thrift Stores, Op Shops, Charity Stores, Secondhand Shops or whatever you call them in your country, are the best place to buy the right sort of forks & spoons. Buy as many as you can.

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