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Spoonbender - it's become a term used to insult those with an interest in the paranormal. Personally, I don't think there's anything paranormal about the phenomenon because it seems so downright NORMAL when you do can do it. For a very good description of what I'm talking about, Michael Crichton's non-fiction book "Travels" describes his own experience with cutlery mutation. Whatever it is, it works just as well on forks - so I prefer to use the term 'forkbending' to try to avoid the crazy connotations associated with 'spoonbending'. Besides, forks make more interesting shapes on the whole, although they're a little scarier to work with.

I admit it is weirdness of the highest order, but it's weirdness that is very real. Everyday people can do it, which is why I'm so amazed it's still controversial. You could probably do it yourself. I'm no expert, but I started this site because there's so little about it on the web. I wanted to share my own amateur experience and hopefully encourage others who are more expert than me to bring their own knowledge to the web. I'm not really sure how it works, but it's fascinating anyway.

It seems that anything about 'anomalous experiences' on the internet falls into one of three categories: kooky 'there are aliens among us and there's a government conspiracy to cover it up' sites; arrogant 'skeptics' sites which often contain statements like 'there is NO scientific evidence to back up any claims of the paranormal' - obviously these people haven't been to the (rare) third category of site, and that which I find most fascinating - serious scientific sites investigating experiences similar to this, such as that at Princeton University. They're studying things like how the brain-waves of stressed pilots can affect the highly sensitive equipment in a cockpit - scary, but true! Check out my links for sites like these, as well as a few of the kooky ones. You never know where you might find something that turns out to be factual. I never would have thought I could bend a fork, but... there goes another one!

I hope you enjoy the site, and remember:

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Yep, Jasper was being a bit impatient here and skipped the 'channeling' stage, so you can see he still used a bit of force. There are big, thick antique pieces of cutlery/flatware though, and he's not using a huge amount of force. Anyway, make up your own mind. Try it.

We might shoot some new video for the step-by-step now you can upload good quality video for free. Oh how I love web 2.0!


site created mid 2000, new url and updated in 2009